Camping Pillow | Inflatable Backpacking Pillow (Pink)

$ 34.99

Have you ever woken up with a stiff neck because you left your bulky pillow behind? Or maybe your cloth pillow got wet and was no longer comfortable. Maybe you just bunched up your jacket as a pillow and huddled in the fetal position for warmth.

No more! Enter the inflatable travel pillow. This is the only pillow you'll need for all of your outdoor, backpacking, and beach trips. Works well for any travel, whether by plane, motorcycle, train, car, or bus.

Inflate, count sheep, deflate and pack. Repeat as needed.


Color: Pink


  • Comfortable, Balanced Head Support - With its soft and smooth pillow-top material and plush foam interior, this pillow was designed with comfort in mind. Contoured to cradle your head and support your neck. No hollow feel!
  • Adjustable Firmness - Simply twist open the travel pillow's safety-lock air valve and watch it self-inflate! To increase firmness, gently blow into the air pillow's valve. To deflate, open the valve and roll the pillow towards the valve opening.
  • Compact Size - Inflates to 20in x 12in. 5.5in x 6in when fully deflated and rolled into the convenient travel sack. Weighs just 10.5 oz; about the weight of a softball.
  • Durable Yet Soft - Constructed from specialized outdoor-grade moisture resistant materials. Whether you're leisurely vacationing with your family, camping for the weekend, or backpacking the Rockies - this air travel pillow can keep up.
  • Stays Under Your Head - The pillows back is made with slip-resistant material to prevent slipping while you rest. This dual-purpose material is rugged and comfortable at the same time. It's the only travel pillow you'll ever need!


This Inflatable Travel Pillow:

- Features a convenient self inflating travel pillo design

- Versatile air travel pillow for all travel and outdoor occasions, including: air travel, car travel, train travel, camping, hunting, hiking, trips to the beach, vacations, laying under the stars, relaxing in a hammock, road trips, bus trips, RVing, and so much more.


The features you demand in an air pillow for travel:

- The Soft and Smooth pillow top makes for the ultimate in comfortable travel pillows.

- Easily increase or decrease firmness with the adjustable pillow air valve

- Quick to inflate, deflate, and stores away in a compact lightweight pack

- Easy to clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth with a touch of soap

- Using as a camping or outdoor pillow? Doesn't absorb humidity so there's no damp or sticky feeling.

- Gone are the days of rolling your jacket into a ball to attempt to sleep on an airplane.

- Gone are the days of stuffing your dirty clothes onto a bag or pillowcase to make your own camping pillow.


Air Travel Pillow Specifications:

- Size; fully inflated: 20 x 12 inches

- Size; rolled into the convenient travel sack: 5.5in x 6in

- Weight: 10.5oz (298g)

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